First EP

by Marti Ann

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Marti Ann's debut extended play


released September 1, 2014

Produced by Ferraz
VFRO as featured producer



all rights reserved


Marti Ann

"Marti Ann is an up-and-coming Venezuelan duo from Caracas, who have a very particular approach on R&B, relying mainly on an acoustic guitar and vocal.."

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Track Name: Orange Spray
Orange spray, starry skies
through the haze, untied shoes
blurred eyes, helps me unwind
makes me know
what's going through my mind
as I pack a bowl

Feel the sway
it's/these are the waves
(creeping) up my veins
chugging down the drink
pleasant rush, adrenaline
feel the sway/shake
these waves inside my brain

No way, gotta go
Track Name: What If
Basically hi, my lover
we haven't met but i just want you
where are you from? Say here
I couldn't wait to see you again
maybe you think I'm a stalker
I call it lovely observation
you might say I'm going too fast, but

What if you want me?
just taste me as you want it
so let us feel how we make out
you noticed me, yeah
I know, your eyes say it
don't pretend not to see me, turn around

Cheers, I'll buy you a drink
or whatever you wanna trip
hide stoned eyes, so, so blowed
contain the anxiety
no fear if you are with me
its a fun world, so, so blowed

Come on baby, let it flow
live this moment like there's no more
from sweet kisses to make it rough
it's time to lose control, Molly is still with us
we'll keep on tippin, dancing, kissing
all that shit, no matter what they're thinking
it's been a long since feeling this rush
it's getting thrilling
we were not supposed to love, but
now this is what I'm asking for

What if you love me?
just taste me as you want it
so let us feel how we make out
you noticed me, yeah,
I know it your eyes say it
don't pretend not to see me, turn around
Track Name: You Wanna Think
You wanna think I'm alone, yeah
you wanna think I'm still longing for your touch
that without you my life is become null
getting whatever I want, yeah
anything that you say won't make it up
get over it, I've gotten good enough

Didn't know the way you rolled
didn't know greed filled your heart, no
step back, don't make another scene
ever imagined this? no

Is this the way you girl
are coming back to me to say
nothing would've changed
if only some more had been shared
What else could I give you girl
when there was no more time left I would make it stop
just for me to have another glance of your face girl

You wanna think I'm alone, yeah
you wanna think I've been crying at your going
I'm rather getting ready to set off
for whatever place I want
gotta have to turn down pleasure, pleasure
pleasure, pleasure

Who's alone now
sobbing right now
hope you find out
who won this bout
you won't grind me down
I'm going all out
bringing girls out
no regret, no doubt
Track Name: Her Bedside
Try to recall those times
when we used to smile
they're just gone
holding you with my arms
making out you and I
never knew there was
someone more inside
of your mind besides me

Again I'm part of society
this is the way life lies
lying down by her bedside
reminds me about us
the longer I keep you in my heart
the stronger it gets, it's so hard
I don't know where she go
I don't know where she go

You were so cruel, so cold
cheating on me
laughting at me
but you in time
will realize
how much you've lost
you crossed the line